Jun 7, 2013

Kitchen Gadgets for Salads

Oxo Salad SpinnerKosher gourmet salads are a healthy option for any palate. They are extremely versatile and can feature any number of vegetables as well as protein mix-ins like fish, chicken, or nuts. Classic options like a Caesar salad make an excellent entrée, while fruit salads are tasty and sweet enough to be used for anything from an appetizer to dessert.

However, creating a salad is often extremely inconvenient. From drying the greens to creating the dressing, salads take time to prepare and space to store. Plus, store-bought dressings are often loaded with sugar and preservatives, which negates much of the salad’s healthy benefits.

The Peppermill is here to help with a variety of kitchen gadgets designed to make salad preparation quick and easy. Take the Oxo Salad Spinner, for example. Dry lettuce is integral to ensuring the dressing adheres properly to the salad, which makes this device a must-have for anyone creating kosher gourmet salads. Instead of washing and drying each piece of lettuce individually, dump it all in the salad spinner, hit the knob, and get perfectly dry greens within seconds.

The Oxo Salad Spinner is a great solution for any time lettuce needs to be washed, whether dirt and bugs are being removed from fresh lettuce or the stalks are re-hydrating after sitting in the fridge for a while. The kitchen gadget is particularly helpful for options like romaine lettuce, which require extensive washing and bug checking before they’re kosher and edible, but can be used for anything from berries to herbs.

With its handy soft knob, the Oxo Salad Spinner makes drying greens a simple operation. Spinning starts as soon as the knob is pushed, and the kitchen gadget’s patented brake button makes it easy to stop the spinning as soon as the lettuce is dry. For added convenience, the colander can easily be removed, allowing the salad to be stored or transported right in the bowl, and all the components of the kitchen gadget are dishwasher safe.

Norpo salad dressing makerThis handy kitchen gadget is available in two sizes. The Oxo Little Salad Spinner features a 10-ounce capacity, perfect for a salad for one. The larger model, on the other hand, is big enough to fit an entire bag of lettuce and can be used to make salads for dinner, brunch, or the Shabbat meal.

There are convenient kitchen gadgets for creating the salad dressing, too. The Peppermill stocks the Norpo Salad Dressing Maker as well as the Kolder Salad Dressing Bottle. Both items come bundled with instructions and a packet of recipes, and are ideal for making healthy and tasty homemade dressings for any kosher gourmet salad. Handy measuring guidelines are printed directly on the sides of the bottle and make it easy to add the correct amount of each ingredient. To make the perfect dressing, simply pour the ingredients into the device, snap it shut, and shake it. Then use these kitchen gadgets to store and dispense the dressing as needed.

From the greens to the dressing, The Peppermill’s array of kitchen gadgets make creating kosher gourmet salads quick, easy, and convenient!

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