Mar 8, 2013

Kitchen Gadgets for Pesach

Until recently, the concept of kosher for Pesach gourmet was virtually nonexistent. Pesach consisted of eggs, potatoes, oil, and matzah in a variety of combinations, none of which were particularly appetizing. However, the past few years have seen an explosion of foods that look and taste so amazing it’s hard to believe they’re really kosher for Pesach.

The Peppermill Inc bakeware
Crepe pan
Creating kosher gourmet foods for Pesach relies not just on having good recipes and using high quality ingredients, but also on using the proper kitchen gadgets. The crepe pan is a great example of this. Crepes, also known as bletlach, are an integral part of the Pesasch menu and are used to make everything from soup noodles to blintzes. Though they can be made in a regular frying pan, it’s time consuming and the risk of failure is a high. At The Peppermill, we offer a choice of 9-inch or 9.5-inch nonstick crepe pans with sloped sides that make flipping bletlach a much easier task.

Whether you’re cooking kosher gourmet or traditional classics, potatoes will likely play a large role in the Pesach menu. In addition to basics like graters and mashers, at The Peppermill we also offer a variety of kitchen gadgets that can be used to make the perfect dish. Potato ricers, for example, can be used to create exceedingly smooth mashed potatoes that are lighter and fluffier than would be possible with a regular masher, while the Curly Fry Slicer from Progressive International easily slices potatoes into long curls for a treat that’s sure to be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

Seder preparation can also be made easier with the correct kitchen gadgets. The Progressive Dice and Slice Chopper, available from The Peppermill for just $29.99, is ideal for make tasty charoset. It chops all the ingredients quickly and easily, from the apples to the walnuts, and features three different blades for added versatility. For karpas, we offer a range of slicers, dicers, and peelers that can be used on potatoes, radishes, or any other vegetable.

Kuhn Rikon Dual Peeler The Peppermill
Kunh Rikon Dual Peeler
The fruit and vegetable kitchen gadgets in our inventory can be helpful for other recipes as well. The soft skin and serrated peelers we sell are ideal for cooking with tomatoes, kiwis, peaches, and the like. If you don't eat peels on Pesach but still want to enjoy a wide range of fruits and vegetables, a serrated or soft skin peeler is the perfect solution. If you’re going to be making gourmet salads, our selection of julienne peelers will make it easy to cut perfectly thin strips of vegetables. We also stock the Kuhn Rikon Dual Peeler in red and green, which offers both a serrated and a straight blade so that you can peel your apples, potatoes, tomatoes, and anything else with a single utensil.

When you’re looking to buy bakeware and kitchen gadgets for Pesach, keep in mind the holiday’s unique restrictions. Though a classic pot or knife is always helpful, here at The Peppermill we offer a wide range of utensils that can make your Pesach easier and tastier.

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