Feb 5, 2013

Kitchen and Bakeware for Purim

While not the highest holiday on the Jewish calendar, Purim is often up there on the list of favorites for kosher gourmets. With all the cooking, baking and treat making involved, how could it not be? At The Peppermill we understand your excitement, we feel it too–in fact. As you are scouring the internet for new and fun recipes, survey your kitchenware to be sure you are fully prepared for the day of cooking ahead.
When it comes to treats for friends and family, nothing beats a good Linzer tart. These adorable cookies are easy to make and delicious to eat. The Peppermill offers a complete Linzer tart cookie cutter set for under ten dollars. This Fox Run Six Piece Set comes with a Linzer cutter and six interchangeable center cutter designs. Like all our other bakeware items, this cookie cutter set comes with its own baking recipe.
Linzer tart baking is the perfect way to turn Purim preparation into family bonding time as well. Gather the extended family in the kitchen and divvy up the tasks. Put the little ones in charge of tasks like rolling the dough, sprinkling the powdered sugar or placing the finished cookies in gift bags, while older members can handle the cutting and cooking aspects.

Pass them around to neighbors and friends for a Purim mitzvah the whole family will feel good about!
Here is the perfect basic cookie recipe to use for your linzer tarts.

Roll out cookie recipe

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