Feb 19, 2013

Create Gorgeous Kosher Gourmet Cookies with Stencils from The Peppermill

Stencils are an easy way to make exquisite kosher gourmet cookies. They can be used to draw a wide range of designs and they work well with a variety of materials, making them ideal for creating uniquely gorgeous mishloach manos.

There are a number of ways these convenient kitchen gadgets can be used. On freshly frosted cookies, you can sprinkle cocoa, colored sugar, or powdered sugar over the stencil. When the stencil is lifted up, it’ll leave an imprint of the design and you’ll have cookies with anything from a Magen David to a gragger. This method is best used in conjunction with basic shapes and pictures, as overly intricate designs may not work well with loose powders.

The most popular way to use stencils is in the same manner as kids doing arts and crafts. Place the stencil on your kosher gourmet cookies and then use foodwriters to trace the design to ensure picture perfect creations. For best results, use cookies that provide a flat, firm surface so that the image won’t smudge or get ruined in any way. If you’ll be working with plain sugar cookies, be sure they’re crunchy and not chewy and if you’ll be using iced cookies, let the icing harden overnight before stenciling for best results.

Stencils offer a lot of flexibility and creative opportunities, which is why they’re so great for mishloach manos. You can use foodwriters to color in the entire design for a classic drawn look and The Peppermill offers a wide range of colors and thickness to help you easily create the design you want. For the epitome in kosher gourmet cookies, however, we recommend using something like the americolor black foodwriter set or the foodwriters x-fine to lightly trace the outline of the design onto the cookie. You can then use one of the kitchen gadgets we offer on thepeppermillinc.com to fill in the picture. Decorating brushes are great for larger and basic designs, whereas decorating bags and tips are great for smaller and more intricate creations.

For a classic mishloach manos motif, consider using the Purim stencils from The Peppermill. Available in a set of three, it includes a gragger, megillah, and Simchas Purim outline. If you’re going to pair your kosher gourmet cookies with wine or grape juice, you may want to use the grapes stencil. Measuring 6.4 inches by 11.4 inches, this kitchen gadget is great for use on larger cookies and is the perfect addition to a simple but exquisite mishloach manot.

The crown option is great for any package with a royal theme. Whether your kids are Achashveroish or Esther, their mishloach manos will look great with custom made kosher gourmet cookies featuring hand drawn crowns. We also have a variety of designs like paisleys, snowflakes, and Greek patterns that are great complement to any theme or arrangement.

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