Feb 5, 2013

An Introduction to Vanilla Bean Paste

With a storage lifespan of at least six months and a taste and texture that combines the best of both the bean and the extract, it is a shame that more people have not discovered the wonders of vanilla bean paste. This post is designed to introduce you to this specialty ingredient and offer some general guidelines.
The first question people ask involves the consistency.Vanilla bean paste has the consistency of a thick syrup and holds hundreds of vanilla seeds in suspension. What this means for you is that it has a similar taste as vanilla extract, but offers the additional visual effect of the black seeds that are so associated with an actual vanilla bean.
Cooking with vanilla bean paste opens up a world of possibilities, but there are few things to keep in mind. This paste can give custards a strange texture and has been known to cause icings to separate. Therefore, it is important to be extra careful when subbing it for vanilla extract orvanilla beans in a recipe. Additionally, the vanilla bean paste needs to be stored in a cool and dark place. Otherwise it can lose potency and render your dishes unappetizing.
The Peppermill carries Pure Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste. Check out our store or website today. Also check out our previous recipe for Butter Sugar Cookies. Substituting vanilla bean paste for the suggested extract would work beautifully with these treats.

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